Consulting Services

Our consulting services are tailored to close your enterprise's lean transformation knowledge and performance gaps. Ultimately, the client/coach relationship must generate change that transcends just lean tools and systems. Only principle-driven transformation can yield holistic, game-changing (and culture-changing) sustainable improvement.
Getting Started or... "Refocused"
  • Enterprise-wide lean assessment. Single or multi-day on-site assessments will provide you with actionable insight into your enterprise's lean maturity and transformation opportunities.
  • Value stream analysis (mapping). This week-long workshop will yield a team developed product/service family current state and future state value stream map and, most importantly, a prescriptive value stream improvement plan. When combined with our phased implementation methodology, this represents your tailored initial lean roadmap.
  • Kaizen event management and facilitation. Kaizen events (a.k.a. rapid improvement projects, kaizen blasts, etc.) are a powerful and quick-hitting vehicle for executing value stream improvement plan imperatives and engaging the workforce. Our event facilitation and pragmatic technical coaching will make your events more effective and sustainable.
  • Lean management system implementation. Lean sustainability cannot be attained without an effective lean management system. Facilitated, hands-on workshops will establish the foundation for leader standard work, visual controls and a daily accountability process.
  • Lean leader training and coaching ("sensei visits"). Lean leaders are not "born," they are developed. We coach lean leaders how to think and act within the context of lean management systems, change management, team development and emotional intelligence. Virtually all of this coaching is conducted at the gemba and is focused on driving business results and lean understanding.

Next Steps
  • Strategy formulation and deployment. While strategy deployment is typically not introduced concurrently with the initial lean launch, this major tool for focus and alignment should be applied shortly thereafter.
  • Change management and organization design and development. Lean is about change as much as anything. Effective lean transformations apply change management strategies and tools, while still maintaining respect for the employee. We can coach you through the often necessary and substantial changes in organization structures, development and deployment of teams and modification of roles and responsibilities as well as other major drivers of culture and performance.
  • Merger and acquisition support (buy-side or sell-side). We conduct due diligence assessments, support business valuation activities and develop transition strategies.

Developing Lean Capabilities
  • KPO/Lean function assessments, workshops and coaching. Successful lean enterprises are not "sensei-dependent." They must develop their own kaizen promotion office (KPO), the organization's inside resource for lean training, curriculum and people development and kaizen event facilitation.
  • Enterprise-tailored lean business system and curriculum development. "Branding" the enterprise's own lean business system and lean training curriculum is a major first step in transformation ownership and maturity. We assist clients in this very important process.
  • Daily kaizen capability development and deployment. Kaizen events are a powerful means of implementing significant improvement, but they cannot replace daily kaizen, the small continuous improvements that are driven by engaged and empowered individuals and small groups every day. Here we teach how to conduct daily kaizen within the context of lean management systems and worker identified gaps between current state and the envisioned ideal state.
  • Classroom and gemba-based seminars. Occasionally, training seminars are needed in order to transfer the knowledge required to execute certain value stream improvement plan elements and develop other internal capabilities. Here we apply a "Learn-See-Do" approach, first within the classroom and then at the gemba.
  • Lean certification preparatory training and mentorship. The multi-level SME/AME/Shingo Prize sponsored Lean Certification is an excellent means for developing and applying lean technical expertise within your organization. We can prepare your Lean Certification candidates for the different level exams and mentor them as they build the required experience portfolios.
  • Six sigma green belt and black belt training, mentorship and certification. Six sigma methodologies and tools are synergistic with lean. We can train, mentor and certify your candidates at both the green and black belt levels.

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