About the Book

Kaizen event effectiveness is a prerequisite for lean transformation success. Unfortunately many organizations suffer from one or more of the following event malpractice symptoms:

  • Little or no measurable business impact
  • Poor linkage to strategic and value stream imperatives
  • Unsustainable results
  • Unfavorable employee experience
  • Limited organizational learning and growth
  • Insufficient foundation for daily kaizen

The Kaizen Event Fieldbook addresses the root causes of those symptoms head-on, providing the necessary insight, in the context of lean theory, lean leadership principles and standard work to successfully plan, execute, and follow-through on effective kaizen events. Practical examples, over a hundred figures and tables, and many real-life "Gemba Tales" give the reader an enriched learning experience. Also included is a chapter on the deployment of a kaizen promotion office, a glossary, and two appendices, which offer blank forms and an overview of daily kaizen. The foreword, written by lean scion Art Byrne, touches upon the early U.S. application of kaizen events and outlines the transformative power of effective kaizen events.
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Who It's for

The Fieldbook is written primarily for three groups of lean practitioners, applicable to all industries and organizations at every level of lean maturity:

1. kaizen promotion office (a.k.a. the lean function, operational excellence group, etc.) -- the "KPO" is the enterprise�s internal lean subject matter and deployment experts whose primary role as change agent is to teach, advise and facilitate effective kaizen activities at all levels of the organization. The KPO must know, teach, maintain and apply kaizen event standard work.

2. Lean leaders -- without effective lean leaders there is no hope for transformation success� period! Lean leaders at the corporate, business unit and value stream level as well as those serving on steering committees must know how to apply lean within the framework of a lean business system and drive HIGH IMPACT, SUSTAINABLE kaizen events to fulfill strategic imperatives, execute value stream improvement plans and develop lean thinkers and doers within the organization.

3. Kaizen event team leaders -- successful leaders of cross-functional, multi-level kaizen teams have a solid understanding of the kaizen event process, including pre-planning, follow-through and event work strategies.

About the Author

Mark R. Hamel is a lean six sigma implementation consultant, award-winning author and blogger. He has played a transformative role in lean implementations across a broad range of industries including aerospace and defense, automotive, building products, business services, chemical, durable goods, electronics, insurance, healthcare and transportation services. Mark has successfully coached lean leaders and associates at both the strategic and tactical level. He has facilitated hundreds of kaizen events and conducted numerous training sessions and workshops.

Mark and his associates offer a variety of lean implementation related consulting services, including:

  • Strategy deployment
  • Enterprise-wide lean assessments
  • Value stream analysis (mapping)
  • Kaizen event facilitation
  • Lean management system implementation
  • KPO/Lean function assessments, workshops and coaching
  • Daily kaizen capability development and deployment
  • Lean leader training and coaching


Fieldbook Testimonials

"A critical distinction from other texts on the market, the Fieldbook links the technical aspects of kaizen to lean philosophy. Kaizen is the game changer in any lean transformation, and this is the game book."
�Bruce Hamilton, President, Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership