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"The Fieldbook is a must read for those wanting to understand the kaizen methodology. Mark Hamel clearly identifies its role utilizing the TPS version of SDCA and PDCA. He further traces his follow-through model to the "learn-by-doing" methodology of the Training Within Industry (TWI) program, which was developed in the U.S. during WWII, and is going through a resurgence today as companies struggle to sustain kaizen gains. This book now has a prominent place on my bookshelf."
--Robert J. Wrona, Executive Director, TWI Institute®, Co-author, The TWI Workbook: Essential Skills for Supervisors

"A critical distinction from other texts on the market, the Fieldbook links the technical aspects of kaizen to lean philosophy. Kaizen is the game changer in any lean transformation, and this is the game book."
--Bruce Hamilton, President, Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership

"Executing effective kaizens is always a challenge. I have not seen any other book on the market that gets into this level of understanding kaizen events--from pre-planning to follow-through. This book will benefit not only the new adopters of lean, but also the early adopters who require a "back-to-basic" understanding of how to properly execute kaizen events to effectively drive change."
--Richard Levesque, Vice President and General Manager, Professional Division, MAAX U.S. Corporation

"The Fieldbook is a roadmap for organizations to follow as they actively seek a continuous improvement culture and positive bottom-line performance. It is an essential reference for the proper application and implementation of kaizen. I intend to provide everyone on my management team with a copy."
--Max Willsie, Plant Manager, Toyota Boshoku Canada, Inc.

"Applicable to any industry, the Fieldbook shows you what kaizen looks like when done properly. I plan to give one to each of my CEO clients."
--Linford Stiles, Chairman and CEO, Stiles Associates

"Lean is about results and outcomes, not just intense focus on the process. The Kaizen Event Fieldbook balances theory with the tactical nuts and bolts, providing a practical roadmap for managers at all levels to strategically deploy kaizen and bring positive results to the bottom line."
--Ted Gramer, Executive Vice President and General Claims Manager, Liberty Mutual Group

"An exceptional and in-depth review of the technical components of kaizen, I found this book to offer sound guidance on how to avoid the pitfalls of inadequate preparation, uncommitted leadership, and lack of focus on sustaining the improvements in business performance that lean anticipates. It is a true reference that I anticipate returning to again and again."
--Jack M. Dutzar, M.D., Fallon Clinic, Inc.

"Amazingly prescriptive and reflecting years of knowledge acquired from renowned sensei, Mark Hamel has done a masterful job with the Fieldbook. Managers, instructors, and employees in any lean or aspiring lean company, within any industry, will find it an indispensable reference to impact positive, sustainable change. I plan to use it as a teaching tool for employees throughout my organization."
--David A. Amrhein, Vice President, Operations and Lean Enterprise, Ascent Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

"During any lean implementation, the pace of kaizen events is critical to maintaining momentum. This well organized, readable book will help us standardize and refine our approach."
--Kenneth Chandler, Vice President of Operations, Smith & Wesson

"Engaging your entire workforce in driving business results is fundamental to lean success. Mark Hamel has done an outstanding job of laying out the team kaizen methodology. The Fieldbook is a practical guide and I recommend it as a read for every business leader and lean practitioner."
--Jerome D. Hamilton, Global Director, Lean Six Sigma & Business Initiatives, 3M Industrial & Transportation Business

"In the Kaizen Event Fieldbook Mark Hamel reveals the 'tricks of the trade' for leading effective kaizen events. More than just the technical tools, he emphasizes the importance of understanding and mastering the emotional element to influence and engage employees at every level, which is critical to creating a lean culture."
--Julie DeWane, VP Global Supply Chain, GE Security

"Individuals and organizations looking to either get started or improve their kaizen capabilities will appreciate the hands-on, step-by-step approach provided in the Fieldbook. A guide for success, it also warns of the pitfalls to watch out for on the course of the journey. I am definitely ordering this book for my entire team and selected leaders, and would recommend it to anyone serious about lean."
--Stephen R. Malick, VP, WW Business Improvement, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.